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Geometry Timeline

Geometry Timeline


    Coming Soon: Release dates to be announced!

The Fly's Eye:  Four related Polyhedra. A look at the geometry of Buckminster Fuller's final housing design.
Great Circles:  Polyhedral forms from folded paper circles, assembled and fastend with common bobby pins.
Check it out!
Matrix:  Strut models made from bamboo skewers, tubing and decorative tape. We anticipate having inexpensive supplies and simple tooling available when Matrix is released.  Check it out!
Closest Packing Spheres:  Geometric form of closest packing spheres, reveals nature's 60' patterning.
Floating Compression:  The lightest and strongest systems are reduced to minimum: Struts and tension members.

    If you are interested in learning how to build these geometric manipulatives, and you would like more information on how to join. Please proceed to the Membership  page to review the benefits and pricing. 

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