What sets "Matrix" apart from other manipulatives is the emphasis on creating models from scratch. The use of raw materials is fundamental in establishing the idea that it is possible to create anything, as long as you understand how to combine the use of tools with basic materials. Our "Matrix Kit" will give you the tools needed to build the models in our e-book, as well as create your structures without having to worry about running short on parts. "Matrix" is more than a toy, it is a path of discovery that will lead the student on a journey of self-initiated understanding of structure and pattern integrity!

As you know this type of learning is not for everyone, it is for those of us that actively seek out knowledge and are willing to work for it. There are plenty of other products on the market that you could purchase and construct doing little more than fallowing instructions and piecing together prefabricated parts. Each model you build from "Matrix" is unique and created entirely by the student from start to finish, but it doesn't stop there. Ready to make a new one? Don't disassemble the one you just built, rather make your parts and build a new one.

With dedication, you will create the six models of the series, and beyond that, as many models as you can design yourself. Congratulations, you are ready to begin a process of discovery that will lead you to deeper understanding of the geometry and structure of naturally occurring systems, and you will do it with your own hands.

Kits Include:

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